New course coming soon: Rigging and Fleeting!

We will soon be offering a new Rigging and Fleeting 2-day course. The aim is to provide each candidate with sufficient underpinning knowledge in order to understand how a lifting operation is planned, managed, supervised, and give each candidates the skill set to understand how to carry out a lifting/ rigging / fleeting operation safely, which meets all legislation, regulation and complies with Approved codes of practices. Contact us for more details.

What is Rigging / Fleeting loads and what is anchoring?

Rigging: is the slinging technique used to safely sling the load.

Fleeting: Is the technique used to move the load horizontally and vertically through a structure.

Anchoring: Is what we fit the rigging too (i.e. beam clamps fitted to an I -Beam)

When would this be required?

Rigging and fleeting is a technique used when you may be working in an area with low headroom, and you need to move a load through a structure.

Examples on board vessels, petrochemical plants, tunnel boring.

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