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Cornerbrook Lifting Consultancy was developed as a joint enterprise to assist construction companies and new starters to the lifting industry.

Our aim is to develop peoples skill-sets and assist in safer lifting operations.  Cornerbrook Lifting Consultants have over 30 years industry knowledge from operating cranes to managing sites, including high profile nuclear, petrochemical projects. 

Cornerbrook provide advice and guidance to legislation, regulation and best practice. Cornerbrook Lifting Consultants don’t just talk about it, we have actually done it. Cornerbrook will provide peace of mind, if we are on your team your lifting operation will be reviewed in detail and actions implemented so your lifting will be carried out safely, saving costs and ultimately lives.

Lifting Consultancy IOSH Presentation

Breakdown of the service Cornerbrook can provide:

  1. Review all paperwork
  2. Site survey
  3. Installation
  4. Inspection (review pre use inspection report)
  5. Competencies (review all competencies)
  6. RAM`s (review all RAM`s)
  7. Ongoing inspections (look at procedures for ongoing inspections / audit)
  8. Emergency rescue systems.

Example list of information we review:

  1. The spec on the tower crane being installed, including all manufacturers specs on installation procedures.
  2. All relevant information on height of tower.
  3. Full address location, to carry out a full site survey.
  4. The installation team contact details and qualifications.
  5. The proposed RAM’s for the installation.
  6. The rigging crane manufactures specification.
  7. Inspection team details.
  8. The working RAM’s, On the presumption these will be phased as the project progresses.
  9. Ongoing inspection procedures.
  10. Removal procedure including RAM’s and de-rigging crane spec.

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